Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Transformation in Christ Series Recollection: Intro

I have been reading the book "Transformation in Christ" by Dietrich Von Hildebrand.  Not sure how I had this book, don't recall purchasing it, and my wife doesn't recall getting it.  So I assume I got it from my Father's place who passed away several years.  I started to read it, it's a very rich and challenging book to read.  The language is advanced for a person like me, but when catching some of the things that Von Hildebrand points out on how we need to transform in Christ, it's really moving and spiritual, It's intellectual, but in some of his writing, just plain simple and is clear in getting his message across.

Von Hildebrand was a theologian of the Catholic Church, he is not canonized saint but one Saint for sure has read and admired his writing, which was St. John Paul II, in addition Pope Benedict XII and Pope Pius has pointed out some of his writings.  He was also from Germany and was one of the Catholic writers who criticized Hitler before his time in power in Germany, because of that, he had to flee from Germany and temporary moved to different countries around Europe.  However, when Germany  was in process taking over each of the countries he had stayed in, he then eventually fled to United States and became a professor  at Jesuit University in New York area.  After he retired from teaching, he wrote some other books.  This particular book was written after World War II.  Von Hildebrand wife;  Alice, is also has a PhD, and so you can image the discussions they had during dinner time.

The book covers the following topics: Readiness to Change, Contrition, Self-Knowledge, True Consciousness, True Simplicity, Recollection and Contemplation, Humility, Confidence in God, Striving for Perfection, True Freedom, Blessed are they who hunger for Justice, Holy Patience, Blessed are the peacemakers, Holy Meekness, Holy Mercy, Holy Sorrow, Holy Sobriety, and True Surrender of Self.

My goal is to go over each of these subjucts that are pointed out in this book in the simplist manner as possible.

Also, EWTN also have a summary of his book "Transformation in Christ"

Will start with "Readiness to Change" by next week