Have mercy me a sinner

Recently had a bad morning commuting to work, for whatever reason lost my patience and in short was involved for several minutes in road rage.; I had always thought I had gotten over this type of temptation, but not that morning. It makes no difference who was at fault because both me and the other drive should have known better to engage.; In the end, nothing had changed, we were both still angry with each other and neither one of us got our point made.;
 However, first what did happened is we both had up the stakes in endangering our lives and others on the road, here is where we broke the 5th commandment.;; Second, pride was no doubt the start of it all.; It;s amazing in a string of seconds we can be a totally different person and thought I was strong willed because I ;consider myself a practicing Catholic and spiritually active.; ;I had simply had fallen flat in my face in participating in this action and after all said and done, personally felt ashamed and disappointed in myself.; Thank God nothing went wrong but when reflecting what had happened, I could feel myself steeped low like Adam and Eve when they tried to hide from God after committed the first sin.;
 For me it was similar feeling when I have committed a mortal sin and knowing I lost that union with God.; So in the end, whatever we all decided to do in committing mortal sin, we realize it;s not worth it and broke our connection with God, at least for those who are conscious with their relationship with God.; In this particular instance I can;t judge if this was mortal action but will certainly confess it, but what haunts me is I set a bad example as being a follower of Christ.; What if I come across this person in the future for whatever reason?; Sure would be awkward, but if it would happen, then I would need to ask for forgiveness and also forgive in the same time.; ;Yep, it;s hard to be a follower of Christ, especially when you fail, but I realized I need to start again and trust in God;s mercy and know that I am human and may happen again, just got to keep going forward and not despair on how stupid I was during that moment of rage or any other time acted not Christ like. ;In the same time I need to learn and avoid falling into the same temptation again, in short I need to be more prayerful.; ;Have mercy me a sinner.

Story failing to act as a Christian while driving, compare to sin and how to keep going and trust in God


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