Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Who is God

Who is god - Nobody

The philosophers express it by saying, “Every efect must have a cause”. There must be someone who always existed, someone who never had a beginning. There is such a someone whom we call God

No one made God. He always was and he will always be. He is the supreme being. The very word “supreme” means above all others. If there were two equally powerful gods side by side, then neither can be supreme.

There is but one God and he is spirit. Philosophers distinguish two kinds of substances: spiritual subtances and physical substances.

Physical subtances has different parts (example air with nitrogen, which then made of molecules, contain atoms, , then neutrons and so forth)

Spiritual substance has no parts and can never be broken up, corrupted or divided. Its a simple substance. And that is why spiritual substance is immortal. There is three classes of the spiritual substance, they are

Human Souls

For human souls when they get dis-united from the body at death will still function and we will love more freely and contain all the memories and knowledge we have gained on earth, we will still be “me” but with the body gone. That is until the end of time we will be re-united with our body.

With God there is no limits of an kind, no limit in direction.We usually say God is good but should really say God is goodnes. God is wisdom. Mene and angels may be said be enternal in so far as they never die, but they had a beginning and are subject to change, not God because he is absolute.

So why does God allow evil and sufering in the world. Both came in the consiquence of mans sin in both physical and morally. God does not keep stepping to snatch back the gift of freedom and free will he gave us. Evil is mans idea.

However God is all mercifull, as long as we repent

The perfections of God

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Blessed Mother's Grace and title "Mother of God"

Review from Bishop Gibbon - Early Church Teachings Book Chapter for Blessed Mother's Grace

If the land of Judea is considered hallow ground because Jesus dwelt there or the apostles were considered model of holiness because he chose them, then how peerless must have been the sanctity of Mary who have him birth

Review Luke 11:27

Why is it that our fellow Christians that are not Catholic struggle with Mary's grace of being sinless, when they seem to accept the grace God gave to Moses to speak with authority or the prophet Jeremiah was to herald God's word or John the Baptist filled with the Holy Spirit, apostles received graces by tongues and other privileges yet the Blessed Mother is exempt even the though once again bear the Lord. How can she ever be profaned in sin like the rest of us?

Howe is it inconceivable to call Mary Mother of God.

  1. her son Jesus Christ is  true man; else she is not a mother
  2. he, Jesus is true God else she is were not the Mother of God
To further expand on first point, Jesus came from her maternal womb thus same substance as her., in other words we affirm the Second Person of the blessed Trinity

However the Blessed Mother is not the mother of divinity, did our Mother have any production of our soul, no but we couldn't say she is the Mother of our body and we simply say she is my Mother just as a child is adopted calls their adopted parents Mom and Dad.  The general Counsel of Ephesus in 431 vindicated the title "Mother of God", so this concludes that the title Mother of God has been around very early part of the Church, nearly right after the Canon of Scriptures were decided and introduced , so in no way can be proclaimed by any Protestant that this is something that was made up by the Church recently.