Pray the Rosary, but do we really pray it as we should?

Pray the Rosary, but do we really pray it as we should?

How do we pray the rosary

I just realized when I prayed the rosary recently, that I went nearly the whole thing without realizing I prayed it.; Other words I was thinking about other things, my job, money, family and so on. I would say when I do pray the rosary; at best I;m focused on it for one decade;s worth and should be more focused on meditating on the mysteries.; This came to my attention while reading one of my old meditation notes from a past retreat where the priest mentioned while praying the rosary, we should be paying attention as it could offend our Mother and of course Christ.; It would be the same when I parents would get upset when we didn;t pay attention as children. I think it;s certainly a challenge to fully pray the rosary with full attention and God understands our weakness, but should always put that effort to not get tempted to redirect our thoughts.; St. Thomas Moore clearly talks about this in his last book “Sadness of Christ” while in the tower, being so witty as he is mentions we should keep guard “yawning” or doing any other mannerisms while praying.; You would have to read it and St. Thomas Moore can only explain it with humor and be challenging in the same time.; So my goal is to at least be fully attentive praying half of the rosary?; How about you?

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