So are my ways higher than your ways

Last Sunday;s Gospel and first reading is hard to swallow, both readings have language that is challenging to accept.; Isaiah 55:9 are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.; Mathew 20:16 . So the last will be first, and the first last." It seems that these two lines are interconnected in some way. While the Isaiah line is being proclaimed foreseeing how Jesus would come and how he would free us from our sins and start the church the way he attended it to be.; The second is Jesus proclaiming how he and his father see things in terms of love and charity.; I certainly appreciate our Deacon who gave a good point that the Gospel was probably referring that the workers that started earlier in the day were the Jews who were the chosen people; by God and then followers of Christ being the later workers who would then receive salvation the same as the Jews, so Mathew was probably pointing out to the Jews salvation is to all, no matter who was chosen first or not.
 However, it does seem unfair that this would be so, since we all expect to be rewarded when we doing something good and for a long time. For example, such as working for a company for many years and being loyal and committed worker but then all of a sudden they just lay you off.; This too would be unfair, but this point, it;s only business and fittest to survival.; ;God;s unfairness to us is the lack of love we have for our neighbor, he is willing to give all a chance wither they are faithful all their lives or just a few seconds before death, this is true charity and love, because there is no time to measure for God, just to only have that grace to want to be with him anytime in our life.;
 We could also look to these Gospel and reading in our relationship with our spouse and children.; We often cry and whine why my wife/husband doesn't do what I want for certain things or my children act not the way they should.; We get disappointed, frustrated and even upset.; However we miss the point, we need to be patient and charitable.; Instead of putting high expectations on your spouse, attend to his/her needs, communicate and spend more time together.; The same with your children, do we spend quality time with them? Are we encouraging them or praising for their good works, or instead of only being there to put them down and so forth.; Of course this doesn't me we don;t discipline which is important in formation of your children but a balance of attending their activities and showing them you care for them.; So they our spouse and children will be first and me will be last; God sees to it for those who put their desires and expectation last will be first and to reach the heaven.

Reflection on the following readings and Gospel in terms of fairness and relationship. Isaiah 55:9 are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.  Mathew 20:16 So the last will be first, and the first last."

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