St. Anthony does work

St. Anthony does work

 St. Anthony truly is a great mediator to God in finding lost things, let me give some past experiences: Back in 2003 lost some keys which I could not find to any avail; it was keys to our church's food locker so I was pretty distressed and embarrassed in the same time.; I finally decided to pray to St. Anthony after several days, I think after a week, I was doing laundry and the keys were on the top pocket of one of my shirt, however I know I checked that before and couldn't see or feel it at that time; Ok, so that one was probably no big deal since I maybe would have eventually found it in the laundry or washer.

 Back in 2007, I was visiting my wife at her job and was in a hurry to meet her and ran, once I got to the area she was at I realized I didn't have my work cell phone and I was oncall. Not good, so I prayed to St. Anthony right away for this one because I was sure I had it with me before I left my car.  When I went back the same way I came from, I found it sitting there in the garden area in plain sight on the dirt.

Another time, around 2009 I again lost my work BlackBerry from a different job, this one I had no idea where it went. I prayed again to St. Anthony and started to think where in the heck I could misplace the phone, finally I came to the conclusion that last time I saw the phone was before I picked up my car at our dealer after maintenance, that was 6 hours ago. ;I drove there and went to the area where my wife dropped me off to pick up the car.; There was the Blackberry on top of the grass, plain site on the sidewalk. No one picked it.

Recently, again another BlackBerry from my job which is the shared Oncall phone, I noticed it's not in my laptop bag, couldn't find it. Once again thought of St. Anthony to help recall were I put the phone.; When I came to work on Monday, it was on my desk. So it appears the cleaning person found the phone and put on my desk. Had no idea it slipped out from my bag. Glad the person was honest to put it on my desk and that St. Anthony was instrumental in leading the person to do this.

God is good, God is great

St. Anthony does work when losing something;Praying to St. Anthony works;

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