Charity easier said than done

Go over different aspects of charity, really giving our selves to others

Charity is such a hollow word these days.; I think most people today, including myself, think that charity only involves giving money to someone in need or a organization that is promoting a good cause. However, what we all forget is charity is closer home, for example maybe spending more time with the kids instead sitting back in the couch and watch a game or following through with your spouse when he/she asks for help, even though you don;t feel like doing it.;
 Charity is also challenging in terms of spirituality because it could mean tough love, such as correcting someone in something they are doing morally wrong or trying to bring back someone back to Jesus church.; We forgot we are baptized with also priesthood and have an apolostolate duty to preach the word.; ; But you are ;a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people of his own, so that you may announce the praises; of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. (1 Peter 2:9).; This is one of the highest charitable acts we can do as Christians, yet most time don;t really seriously do it.;
 Charity is also part of love, as I mentioned before, it could be doing a small act for your spouse if married.; If we would try to be more charitable in our relationship with our spouses, so many times fights or misunderstandings could be avoided.; We look to St. Joseph who practiced it so well with the Blessed Mother during their marriage; he respected her virginity but fully loved and supported her.; Even though St. Joseph is fairly silent in the scriptures, you can tell with all the things that happened from finding Jesus in the temple and moving to Egypt, he did out of love for Mary and Jesus.; His silence shows how charitable he was because his only concern was serving his family.
 Even outside marriage, charity simply means loving our neighbor as yourself.; Jesus was the ultimate example of being charitable, from giving his time performing miracles to feed and heal people to dying on the cross for us. I think if we keep Jesus; life and passion in our reflections throughout the day, we may be more charitable to others instead of expecting something from others.; Unfortunately this is a challenge because today;s world through marketing and mass media promotes the message it;s only about you, and no one else or it;s your right;.; You get the idea.

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