Abortion - Choice

Abortion - Choice

The basic justification for aborting a baby is choice.; But what is the justification for choice?·;;;;;;;

To avoid a mistake made by a couple who is not prepared to have a baby?
To hide or avoid shameless for our young daughters?
For people who can not take full responsibility for having sex?
Is it for those who are raped or could have health complications?; The stats for abortion from women raped is 1% and there could be another way to handle this.; For health issues it would be 6%.; http://www.abortionno.org/Resources/fastfacts.html

The Parent Hoods claims that abortion needs to be legal for women to have safe and healthy abortions.; So they give these numbers back in 1965 that one-fifth of maternal deaths were due to unsafe abortions.; According to stats , 1965 had 3,760,358 births.; According to some other stats in the late 60;s 30 out of 100,000 births there were maternal deaths.; So that would be 1110 deaths total, but one-fifth of that is 222 deaths.; That is a very low number for justification of killing little children and those women could have been helped different ways, especially when we know couples that can;t bear children can adopt.;
Also Planned Parenthood seem to contradict themselves; they exclaim that government and politicians should not interferer with childbearing, but yet everywhere on their web site they promote their political actions especially for the “Freedom of Choice Act” and by far one of the biggest lobbyists.; If government should not be involved, why are they there pushing the buttons.

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