Thank God for Devotions that helped my marriage

Thank God for Devotions that helped my relationship

A look back into how my relationship with my wife was damaged through a major fight we had.

My wife and I had a very serious argument or fight, whatever you prefer to call it.; So serious that for several days we weren't really talking with each other and was totally disconnected. The reason for the argument is personal but it was something that I know lead me to my pride and lead me to hurt my wife. I realized this and had asked for forgiveness, but that was just one step.; Even though we are living the World Wide Marriage Encounter life style; it was a struggle to get our relationship back those few days.

Fortunately we had Perpetual Help devotion at our church, and during the praying of the devotion prayer, especially the part in praying for Married Couples, I could feel the closeness again between the both of us. It was like something heavy just dropped off my body, like taking a heavy backpack from a hiking trip. Thank You Bless Mother. Amen

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