Drew Brees shares his commitment on his marriage with his wife

Drew Brees shares his commitment on his marriage with his wife

 I was reading a Sports Illustrated magazine at my Dentists office, so not sure how old the issue is but it has Drew Bree;s of New Orlean Saints NFS football team selected as Sports Man of the year.; While reading the article I came across the following quote from Drew; "when I put the ring on Brittany;s finger, I said, for better or for worse, till death do us part,; Period. No matter how bad it could possibly get, I am committed. It;s not about happiness. It's not about feeling. I committed myself to her for the rest of my life, and I promise never to walk away" I was surprised to hear this because usually you only hear negative stuff about sports figures, especially on relationships. Drew certainly speaks as a true champion, because he takes his personal life just as serious as his professional life. Drew brings up a good point, marriage will not always have happiness but certainly we strive for that and will get it through grace of God.; There will be times when feelings for our spouse is dry, but we need to remember it;s not about feeling all the time and have to grind it out and believe that is what Drew is talking about, but being part of World Wide Marriage Encounter, we should try to get in tune with our feelings and if there are not there, then make a choice to "Love" when we don;t feel like it.; So thanks Drew for reminding us all out there that our marriage is work in progress and we are "never to walk away" Amen.  Thanks Drew Brees for your witness on marriage

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