Why do not Catholics participate more often in parish ministries?

Why do not Catholics participate more often in parish ministries?

I try not being judgmental but being involved in several ministries I get frustrated inviting or recruiting people to join. I know it's only through the grace of God I am able to serve him and that everyone has different talents, just as scriptures notes the man that has ten and the other that has one which buries it. Mathew 25:14-26.

I would say with the amount of ministries we have in our church and the number of people going to mass regularly, at best 5% are involved, so are the other 95% burying their talent also? It just irks me that people say they are too busy. Mainly because I know I'm busy too, being married and having two children, it's not easy but doable since I know I can still have plenty of time to watch my movies and sports, so maybe I can do more.; But busy, busy doing what? Most ministries maybe have a meeting or prayer session several hours out of the month and additional several hours monthly doing outreach or praying. Not sure how busy anyone can be not to spare 1 hour each week to serve God in some manner. I guess at times we all forget that God can make time, we just need to trust him more, and even for some of us already involved in a ministry, that God could be asking more from us to do more in that ministry or get involved in another one. ;However, our foremost attention is our spouse and children, so we can never replace time spent with them, but we can always try to get our family jointly involved so time can be spent together and serving God in the same time.  May we always be open to say "yes" to serve God in which every way he calls us.


Do we have Free Time for Serving God;Why are not Catholics doing more.  Ministries and time.

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