Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom

Is the USA going more secular as far as communism?

There are reasons why the United States, the country that is supposed to be the land of the free is now turning pink and much redder these days toward communism.
Against Life - all of the tactics of controlling the growth of humanity with abortion, euthanasia, contraception;were not invented by communism but sure were heavily promoted and implemented. ;All in the name for progress and convenience, existing people who basically want to hoard all existing resources for themselves and have all the comforts possible.; However, we are shooting ourselves in the foot so many reasons

Less future workforce
Less military personnel, smaller army to defend our country
Less born citizens, who will officially run our country in the future
Less chances of having people resolving the major;medical health problems;we are going through: cancer, aids, etc.

The media – It;s funny but the freedom of speech has been distorted severely the last 20 years or so; but now more than ever because of the Internet.;; The mainstream media has become very biased especially when it comes to politics and sensitive issues such as marriage and abortion.; It seems the things we used to criticize not so long when the iron curtain existed that Russian people were polluted with propaganda.; However it seems what ever you read is not news about the issues or problems the country is facing but idea;s and ways that country should be forcing opinions to those not as educated or informed on what is really the truth.
The imbalance of legislative branches - The courts these past four decades, with majority of the federal judges have dramatically shifted this country to a direction toward communism that at first didn;t seem possible. They have not fairly interpret the law as it should but basically making judgments based upon “so called popular” views.
While you may think these may be overblown, based upon a published report of what the goals of the communist back in the 60;s, well after years of the iron curtain fallen, it seems their goal are continually getting accomplished.


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