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Catholic Faith
Prayers and Reflections
To help battle spiritual struggles and spread the word of God to all from the one true Catholic Faith Living Life the way we should by following Jesus

 This website's;goal is to provide information for the glory of God by providing spiritual weekly blogs, daily Bible;verses (CPDV);and;other reflections through social networks.

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 Greeting and God Bless, my name is Mike Pereira and host this site.
I'm just a Catholic trying to follow its faith best I can and following Pope Benedict XVI;request to use the internet help spread the truth and Gospel.
;"the Holy Father launched an appeal asking that cyberspace be a place that promotes a "culture of respect, dialogue and authentic friendship where the values of truth, harmony and understanding can flourish."

 Since my spirituality is "work in progress" as like all of us, not all my thoughts or reflections may be totally inline with our church but certainly try.; If you have comments feel free to email; or post on the Facebook site.; I;was originally inspired by Mathew Kelly's book "Call of Joy" where it challenged me to make a goal;many years back.; I set a goal to eventually spread the gospel to the world.;Now that technology is improved I went ahead and;collected all the past notes and docs I have written or posted on my olders site;in regards to spirituality and to share those who like me battle each day to stay afloat to be not only God's obedient servant but really to try be his best friend.
On this site for my blog posts I chose to share my concerns about what is going on in our world in terms of how we relate to God and the relationship which is;closest to me, some of it is;critical but try challenge myself and others to see things is a different light.
Sarpont is just a combination of my Mother's last name and my wife's.
2011-05-29 19:51:00

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