Morality and FAIR Act Law

Morality and FAIR Act Law

What could happen if this law goes to full effect since Gov Brown signed it

So if California passes FAIR education act? I guess you could say this voting survey is little ridiculous, but the point is why the least amount of part of our population getting their way in state legislator in terms pushing their agenda, especially in California. Now mainly the SB-48 that is being passed,; I believe most people don;t support it. If we are going to define in our text books Gay history and naturally they will mention about all the gays who got legally married, how is the younger generation going to deal determining with natural or materialistic choices.; Granted not everyone is called to be married but this doesn;t mean same sex attraction is normal, certainly it defies nature and of course God;s desire for us as human beings.; Another point I still can;t grasp how this relates to say African or black, American Indian, Mexican or Asian discrimination as those are races with culture from abroad that struggled to have their identity in America mainly due to racism, which still exists unfortunately. Homosexuality has no culture and certainly not a race because they can;t re-populate naturally.; Well I go with option “C”, in a hundred years I figure my poor children will be living in a new civilization.; Anyone the movie"Children of Men"

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