Saturday, January 27, 2018

How we are all part of God's Family

This reflection is based upon a chapter from book Conversation by Fancis Fernandez

Being part of the family that Jesus our Lord formed is stronger than any blood line family.  Mary the Blessed Mother help carried this out first by carrying out God's will with greater love and perfection better than anyone except Jesus himself.  Why? She accepted the Angel's message and this leads to a spiritual motherhood to her son, before her physical motherhood of her son. This is due f to her heart first, than later her body to hold Jesus physically genetically. 

Jesus is the one who established this great family of children of God.  We have immense joy of being part of this family, which again is stronger than a blood line but only to the extent we carry God's will. Saint Thomas explains that Jesus declaration of being part of his family is through a link forged by grace.  In order to have strong tie to his family, we must follow God's will because Jesus loved the will of his father.

If we want to imitate Christ, this has to be our attitude, to love what ever God wants.  God makes his will through his commandments.  the more faithfully we keep them, we will love what he wants. God's wil is also directed to the greater good if we remain more trusting and lovingly close to our God the Father.  There is a hidden providence by all of this. 

A Christian's only desire should full-fill God's will.  Prayers helps us and through our personal prayer will help us in a particular way to have that relationship with God and be more infused in his family.

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