Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Why we have a Pope for our faith

Why we have a Pope for our faith

Reflection from "Conversation with God"

Jesus is the good Shepard and entrusts Peter and his successors with government if his church is to continue its mission on earth. 

The early Christians had a special affection for the image of the good Shepard, leaving countless testimonies of it in the catacombs, grave stones etchings, mosaics and so on.

The Old Testament frequently refer to the messiah as the good Shepard who must feed, rule and govern God's people who are abandoned or scattered.  These prophesies are fulfilled in Jesus, buth with in "him" with new features.  He leads the sheep who follow him because they know his voice, he is the one and "only" Shepard with only one "flock", he is the chief Shepard.

In his last appearance before the Ascension, Christ made Peter the Shepard of his flock. The prophecy made before the passion of Jesus, "I have prayed for your faith may not fail; and when you have turned again; strengthen your brethren".

Two things:

  • Christ trust Peter despite his denials
  • Christ doesn't mind entrusting a weak main who repents and loves with deeds
The Shepard symbol which Jesus claimed fro himself is passed on to Peter, he must continue our Lords mission and his representative on earth.  Jesus words to Peter "feed my lambs; feed my sheep".  Feed is equivalent to direct and govern. 

Church is built on the primacy of Peter as on a rock , Christ is the real foundation of the church.

Here are some Old Testament references:

  • Genesis 41 Joseph is proclaimed second in command to the Pharoh; Al ha-banit (over the household). It's here Joseph acts as an ambassador
  • Exodus - Moses intercedes for the people.  Provided the 10 commandments, help laid out "kingdom of priests for the Israelites - "kohen". Also in connection to setting up the "Tabernacle" and the "Sabeth"
  • Numbers 20  - "Speak to the rock", The rock "followed then" through the wilderness", the rock is Christ- 1Cor 10:4
  • David = proclaimed King

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