Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Gethsemane to Sanhedrin - Reflection of Jesus Passion

Jesus knew what his disciples should have witness - the occasion to assert that the Passion was not to be regarded as a condemnation of him or his doctrine, but a solemn attestation before the world, showing his loyalty to God

"That the world may know that I love the Father; and as the Father hath given me commandment, so do I, arise let us go"

When in the garden of Gethsemane, he shows he is command or the leader, not Judas from the start, but before that he went through the greatness of his soul, he thought for his disciples even in midst of his own agonies of body and of mind.  He well know that the disciples be spared if their faith were not to reel under shock , which is why he withdrew apart from them, during his agony.

Jesus whole nature and causes of the dreadful mental sufferings that he endured alone for long hours., no created intelligence can fully explore.  Once the moment or his hour has come, Jesus finds himself plunged in trembling fear and anguish. He was to wrestle alone with dreadful force bonding's that pressed on him, sorrow crushes the vitality out of the soul.

Tradition is unanimous in asserting that what the savior endured was intimately connected with sins of mankind.  The almighty allowed his son to experience in the depths of his being a realization of the consequences for himself of his taking on his shoulders the responsibility for the crimes of humanity in spite of his personal innocence.

Jesus saw all the acts of faithfulness and base betrayals, all the acts of lust and adultery; all the acts of impiety and sacrilege; all the imprecations and blasphemes; all the acts of violence and murder. It is not surprising that the savior prostate himself in agonizing prayer before God.  For thee long hours he lay prone on earth repeating the same words; My father if possible, let this chalice pass from me.  Jesus from the beginning accepted the passion.  He knew the passion was God's absolute will. He needs to the perfectly human impulse to plead with God, knowing all the time what God wills. 

It was thus Jesus prayed his prayer was conditional and Jesus did not wish that is should alter the absolute determination of God, the prayer was not without its answer.  Jesus was comforted, with an angel from heaven to strengthen him.  Christ saw and understood caused his shuddering from the contract with agony and panic, fear under the physical contractions of nerves and fibers and arteries, the blood drops oozed through the pores of the skin and mingling together, flowed in red stream-lets to the ground.  Up to the time of entering on the Passion Jesus acted as accredited envoy of God and had his disposal the divine omnipotence to indicate his claims, he could operate miracles at will but he stood before the rabble under the guidance of Judas.  The defense of his divinity is now withdrawn, he was now a victim of sin, but his last dominate power was permitted to secure the safety of his followers.

Again,even through his suffering , he thought of others well being.

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