Tuesday, April 10, 2018

God is not Hidden from us

Jesus seems remains hidden so that he may be sought out by our faith and our love.
He wanted to live among us to pitch his tent among men. So on earth and remained hidden for the great majority of people. God seems to be hidden from us, but in reality he is in the tabernacle or exposed in adoration to us, we should be like the rabbi in the Presentation when we approach the tabernacle”Lord now lest thou servant depart in peace according to thy word, for mine eyes have seen the salvation"

God was hidden during the miracles, he instructed people to not report them, during Gesiname and in his Passion his divinity was also hidden However God was hidden in the eyes of people because we chose too, this would be our pride and sin, this is why we missed his divinity. Jesus hides again in the Blessed Eucharist under the appearance of bread and wine so that our faith and our love may seek him out. We say to him in our prayer; Lord you who make us share in the miracle of the Eucharist, we beg you not to hide away, may your face be ever clear to  our eyes.  

Live with us, because without you our lives have no meaning. May we see you, with our eyes purified by the sacrament of Penance.  May we see you , with our eyes purified by the sacrament of Penance. May we touch you , like that woman who dared to finger the hem of your garment and who was healed. May we too touch you; without ever wanting to get accustomed to the miracle. May we want to be beside you all the time: which is the only place where we are completely happy.  May we have you as the King of our lives and of our work: because we have given everything to you.

The Holy Eucharist transforms us, when we do to adoration, go to church a pray before the tabernacle , or receive him in the Eucharist during mass, we develop a deep friendship with him. He may be hidden from our senses but clear to our faith.

Saint Thomas affirms that the virtue of this sacrament is to transform a man into Crhist through love.  We all have the experience that eah one of us lives largely in accordance wit that he loves. People devoted to study, to sport or to their profession say that activities are their life. Ina similar way, if man seeks only his own self-interest, he lives for himself alone.  If we love Christ nd unite ourselves to him, we will loive more deeply thorugh him and in him, depending on the truth and depth of our love.

Jesus is not hidden, we just need to look for him with our heart.

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