Friday, April 27, 2018

God is a father to us

God is always by our side

When Moses was chosen an extraordinary task to lead his people the Israelite's from their bondage, which was a life time of work, God confirmed him in his mission with these words "I will be with You"

Our lives too, Gods presence at every moment is hard to fathom.  He is like a father minding his toddler.   Jesus who is true man and true God, knows the father better than anyone else because he is intimately one in substance with the father, so he can reveal his Father (with a capital F) relationship with us.  What Jesus has revealed to us and with it, and in it we find the wonder of God's fatherhood.

Our lord has revealed to us the depths of the trinitarian mystery: the fact God is a father, so close to us men.  Notice that Jesus used the title Father both in private discussion with the apostles and in his preaching publicly.   Jesus lets us know that this Father is never far away, no more that would be a father who sees his little toddler alone and in danger.

God's Will; you will never, even in the worst state of agitation, lose sight of the fact that our Father in Heaven is always close to you, very close, right next to you, with his everlasting Love and with his unbounded affection.

Imitating Christ is the way to be true children of God. To be children of God which our God the Father intend for us to be with him, his children wants us to be partakers of the divine nature.  It is through Christ that we share this divine son ship.  The more like Jesus we become, the more God the Father will see us as children, if we try to work as he did, to have pity on people as he did, and show our thanks like Jesus did.  Let us pray and have dialog like Jesus did with our Father.

Our mother Mary is the perfect example of what divine grace can achieve when it is fully availed of.  No one excepting the sacred Humanity of Our Lord, was ever closer to God, no created being ever become the Daughter of God the Father that she was.  Let us ask her to make us seek the counsel of the Holy Spirit who will get us to imitate Jesus, Under his influence we will feel the pressing need to turn to the Father at all times.

Summary from Fr. Fernando of Conversation of God

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